Meet The Instructors


Mairin Ryan

Mairin was first drawn to yoga for its physical benefits. Not long after she began to appreciate the mental clarity and calmness she found at the end of each practice. Wanting to further her practice and share its benefits with others she completed her 200 hour teacher training and is finishing up her 500 hour certification. When Mairin isn’t teaching she enjoys just being a yoga student, especially in any flow or yin style class. She believes that yoga is for everyone and encourages her students to have fun and come to class ready to practice and play.




marci300Marci Nuckolls

Marci started her yoga practice in college after a running injury forced her to find new ways to work out.  She tried yoga and was hooked.  Fast forward 10 years and yoga is a central part of her being, bringing her life, giving her energy, calming her stresses and providing the best workout for both the body and mind. Marci’s classes are challenging, playful, and offer something for everyone!  In her free time, Marci enjoys bike rides, live music, and her cat Penny.








Mike Chirchirillo

I was originally drawn to yoga as a way to round out my work-outs during the week to stretch and recover but quickly became captivated by the mind-body connection that yoga can bring to one’s life.  The mental strength and development that yoga offers has been one of the more rewarding aspects and by-products that I wasn’t expecting but is definitely the biggest draw to keep me coming back.  Then I tried Yoga Up…and it was game over for me.  This type of HIIT work out is right up my alley that combines strength training, cardio, core, balance & yoga…it doesn’t get much better than that.  I am currently pursuing my personal trainer certification and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to become a Yoga Up Certified Instructor to help other’s achieve their personal physical and mental health goals that they may have.  I hope to see you all in class!


Anne Grzywa

Anne came to yoga 5 years ago for a stress reducer, but quickly realized yoga’s mind, body, and spirit connection embodied her outlook on life beautifully and became hooked on its philosophy. She spent her college years diving her own practice before getting her 200-hr certification in Costa Rica the summer of 2016 where she studied vinyasa, hatha, and meditation traditions. Her classes are designed to combine breath and movement to create heat and mobility in the body. She believes that if you can breath, you can do yoga. Students of all levels are welcomed to come tune in and sweat it out in her yinyasa flow classes!


Kate Dean

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Becca Kremerman

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Kat Macdonald

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