yoga_web_4All levels are welcome to any of our classes, but always remember to listen to your body. All BrewCity classes are mildly heated (75-78F) to help warm the muscles and ease students into their practice.

BrewCity Flow

This Vinyasa style class is for all levels intended to challenge both the body and mind.  This style links movement with breath to build heat and strength within your practice. Be prepared to move, but know that child’s pose is always a great option. The studio is mildly heated to allow the body to relax and deepen into postures. Know that any pose can be modified or amplified to suit your practice, and most importantly don’t forget to have fun!

BrewCity Slow Flow

As it says in the name this class is a slower version of our Flow class, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easier. Longer holds in each posture give you time to explore and really feel your body and breath work as you deepen your practice.

BrewCity Yin

Yin is the perfect gentle class for those looking to unwind and restore, all while creating openness in the hips, shoulders, low back, and more. This class consists of mostly seated or reclined postures held for extended periods of time (anywhere from 3-8 minutes) to help target tight joints and connective tissue. For a more restorative take on this practice the use of props is encouraged to really allow your body to completely release into each pose in order to receive its full benefits.

Yoga Up®

This class comes from our friends over at Dragonfly Hot Yoga in Madison and are excited to bring it to BrewCity! Yoga Up® is an excellent opportunity to add something new to your daily yoga practice, and still stay with the wonderful community that you know. This all levels class will challenge, motivate and energize you. Yoga Up provides a full body workout that includes Sun Salutations, Cardio Training, Yoga Super Sets (yoga poses with and without weights, balances, core work, cardio blasts), Yin poses and Stretches. No two classes are alike, continuing to strengthen your mind and body. We have dumbbell weights ranging from 2 to 10 pounds at the studio.

BrewCity Bootcamp

BrewCity Bootcamp is a fun way to mix up your workout routine. Our bootcamps run in 6 week sessions and meet twice a week, encouraging you to attend all 12 classes. Challenging you to get up early and start your day off on a high note we meet at 5:45am every Tuesday and Thursday for a 45 minute session. Each session will consist of a warmup, stations, and a cool down. There will be 5-9 stations per class consisting of either a cardio or strength exercise, and once the timer begins you are challenged to push yourself till it stops. Take time early in your day for you to get your body moving and heart pumping! (For this class, please only indoor shoes are to be worn.) Check schedule for dates.

BrewCity Flow + Yin

BrewCity Flow + Yin combines elements from both our flow and yin classes into one 75 minute class. Build some heat and move as you flow, then spend some time slowing things down with yin postures to create more space within those tight areas of your body.

$5 Community Classes

BrewCity Yoga will be offering up to two $5 community classes a month! These community classes aim to provide the opportunity for yogis to attend classes without the commitment of a membership. Each month check the schedule for the times and style of class which will vary between our Flow, Slow Flow, Yin, and Yoga Up classes.


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