BrewCity Yoga and BrewCity CrossFit are happy to announce the addition of our new BrewCity FIT classes

BrewCity FIT – Functional Interval Training classes utilize a format of short, intense exercise followed by rest.  These trainer led, small group classes will use a variety of different functional movements, often including kettlebells, dumbells, medicine balls, and rowing machines.  This combination of high intensity functional movements is perfect for burning fat, toning muscles, and improving aerobic capacity and cardiovascular respiratory endurance.  BrewCity FIT classes are designed for people of all ages and ability levels.

These small group classes will be led by our certified CrossFit trainers.  With over ten years of combined experience and hundreds of athletes coached, our coaches will be able to teach proper movement patterns and get the most out of everyone who comes in.

All classes will be 45 min in length, with a short dynamic warm-up, a 20 minute FIT workout and a yoga inspired cool down stretch.  All FIT workouts will follow the same format:  5 Rounds of 40 sec of Work followed by 20 sec of rest at 4 different stations.  The four stations will always include a lower body exercise (squats, lunges, step ups, etc), upper body Exercise (presses, push ups, rows, etc), an abdominal exercise (planks, sit ups, twists, etc) and a Cardio Exercise (rowing, stationary bike, jump rope, etc).

We will cycle through 12 different FIT classes, giving athletes plenty of variety, but also the ability to repeat workouts and track progress over time.  Each FIT workout will have a “score” of total reps performed.  By tracking increases in an athletes score over time, we can calculate increases in overall fitness.

Our First BrewCity FIT class will meet in the Yoga Studio on Tuesday, Oct 13th at 6 am.  To sign up, go to,

Or contact us at 414-207-7851.

Marci KB FIT